KEPCO defeated OK Financial Group and won two consecutive victories.

KEPCO won 3-0 (25-19 25-13 25-22) in the home game against OK Financial Group in the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 13th.

KEPCO (8 wins, 13 losses, 26 points), which posted two consecutive wins, narrowed the gap with Woori Card (11 wins, 9 losses, 30 points) in fourth place.

KEPCO recorded 2 wins and 2 losses this season against OK Financial Group.

KEPCO foreign player Tais scored 22 points, including 2 sub-aces and 3 blocking points. It led to victory with a high attack success rate of 65.38%.

The Thais have scored 20 or more points in their last eight straight games.

Shin Young-seok (8 points) and Seo Jae-deok (7 points) also contributed to the victory.

OK Financial Group (11 wins, 10 losses, 33 points) stayed in third place.

OK Financial Group foreign player Leo scored 19 points, but it was not enough to change the win or loss. Song Myeong-geun, who showed good performance in his first game after being discharged from the military, only scored 4 points that day.

KEPCO was unable to stop Leo in the first set and was drawn 10-16. However, OK Financial Group’s beomsil and KEPCO Lim Seong-jin’s attack succeeded in scoring 5 consecutive times and narrowed the gap. Later, in 17-18, Shin Young-seok’s quick attack and Thais’ three consecutive goals succeeded in reversing. In 23-19, Tais won the first set with consecutive sub-aces. 온라인바카라

KEPCO, which overcame the starting line, took advantage of various offensive resources such as Tais, Seo Jae-deok, Shin Young-seok, and Lim Seong-jin in the second set to widen the score from the beginning and seize the victory.

On the other hand, OK Financial Group only scored 13 points as organizational power was shaken in the second set.

KEPCO also played a reverse role in the 3rd set. In a situation where they were drawn 6-8, they succeeded in reversing with Thais’ quick open, blocking, and open attack. Right away, Seo Jae-deok’s blocking exploded, turning the tide of the charter to 10-8.

KEPCO ran away 20-15 in the second half of the 3rd set and virtually split the game.

OK Financial Group pursued the opponent to the bottom of the chin with 22-24 at the end of the set, but lowered its head as Leo’s sub room came out.

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