Midfielder N’Golo Kante (Chelsea), whose contract is about to expire, is more likely to remain.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in the European transfer market, tweeted, “Chelsea and Kante are negotiating a renewal contract. While the contract period has to be decided, it is an optimistic situation,” he said positively.

Kante and Chelsea’s contract period is until June this year, with only four months left. It has already been possible to negotiate a transfer with another team since last January, and despite reports that Barcelona and others are watching, the reason why the renewal of the contract was delayed was because of the contract period negotiations먹튀검증. Chelsea pulled out an option card for an additional year for a two-year extension, but if the option is triggered, the salary must be reduced. To prevent this, Kante requested three years.

The reason Chelsea had a hard time accepting Kante’s proposal was because of his physical condition. Kante has been plagued by injuries lately and has been out of action for most of the season. After playing against Tottenham Hotspur in August last year, he has been absent for about five months.

According to reporter Romano, Kante has made staying a priority throughout the negotiations. After moving to Chelsea in 2016, Kante has been loved for his dedicated play. Kante is also very fond of Chelsea. “The key to this negotiation is finding an agreement on the final details,” Romano said.

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