Following Bentoho’s Qatar World Cup round of 16 last year, the women’s soccer team will challenge the World Cup round of 16 this year. Ace Ji So-yeon is determined to risk everything.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


The national team has started training for the first time in the new year for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which opens in Australia and New Zealand in July. 토토사이트

Ji So-yeon, who underwent ankle surgery last November, has yet to fully recover, but she even ripped off her taping and digested her training for an hour.

[Ji So-yeon / Striker of the women’s soccer team: Her ankle is recovering a bit slowly, but she’s not in a hurry… .]

Ji So-yeon scored 8 goals in the 2010 Under-20 World Cup, leading Korean football to the first 3rd place in FIFA-sponsored competitions, followed by advancing to the first round of 16 in the 2015 World Cup and leading the way to the finals for 3 consecutive times. This is Ace.

32-year-old Ji So-yeon has staked everything on this World Cup, which may be her last.

After eight years of her European career, she returned to the country last year, and even underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in her ankle that caused her long-term pain, all aiming for the World Cup.

[Ji So-yeon/Women’s soccer team striker: I think I’m more excited than 4 years ago because my goal is very clear as I returned to Korea.]

Ji So-yeon, who was thrilled by Bentuho’s miracle in the round of 16, is determined to write a new history of Korean women’s soccer beyond the round of 16.

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