I want to tell Ja-wook Koo. I will give my all to you, so please be a strong pillar of Samsung”. 

Lee Byeong-gyu (49), Samsung head coach, met at the Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 25th and promised to spare no help to restore the reputation of franchise star Koo Ja-wook (30). 

Koo Ja-wook, who was a rookie of the year, played in 90 games last year and spent a disappointing year with a batting average of 2.93, 120 hits, 5 homers, 38 RBIs, 69 points and 11 stolen bases. Ja-wook Koo expressed his desire to become like head coach Lee Byeong-gyu, who was called the “red horse” during his active career and had a reputation as a top-notch outfielder with all three strikes. 

He said, “Head coach Lee Byeong-gyu was a senior I respected very much while playing baseball, and although we have never been together on the same team, there were parts where he spoke to me one by one. I hope to meet coach Lee Byung-gyu and have a good season.” He added, “Because I have so many things to learn, I want to accept everything. There are many things I want to ask, but I can ask questions comfortably from now on, so there are many things I look forward to.”  먹튀검증

In response, head coach Lee Byeong-gyu said, “I want to tell Ja-wook Koo. I will give my all, so please become a strong pillar of Samsung. I have a lot to give, so I want to be of great help by sharing well.” 

“I’ve told Ja-wook Koo about that a lot in the past, but Ja-wook Koo should use Daegu Samsung Lions Park as his home stadium and hit 20 to 30 home runs. He has enough ability to do that, but I once scolded him for not being able to,” he said. He left behind, but he has enough skills, such as achieving 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases. I hope that Ja-wook Koo will continue to show good performances and prove that he is the center of the team.” 

After receiving an unsatisfactory report card last year, Koo Ja-wook voluntarily requested a finishing camp in Okinawa, Japan after the season. There were very few cases where franchise stars participated in the finishing camp, which was mainly composed of younger players. Director Park Jin-man also appreciated Koo Ja-wook’s strong will and decided to give him a chance to sweat with his juniors. 

The training intensity was high enough to make the sound of the song sound, but Ja-wook Koo worked hard without showing any signs of difficulty. Director Park Jin-man said, “I thought Ja-wook Koo would come to me once and say it was difficult, but he digested all the training programs. I really like Ja-wook Koo’s mindset. Regular members come here and do the same, but the juniors also watched and learned hard.” . 

Head coach Lee Byung-kyu said, “I heard that Ja-wook Koo worked really hard, including taking part in the finishing camp. I look forward to seeing him do well. I intend to help as much as possible,” he said. 

As coach of Geelong Korea, he was unable to participate in the finishing camp due to the season schedule, but plans to focus on getting as close as possible to the players and understanding their tendencies at the Okinawa camp in Japan. 

Head coach Lee Byeong-gyu said, “I’ve only seen Samsung players on TV, but it’s the first time I’ve seen them in person. They’re like celebrities to me. I’ve only seen them on TV. I’ll do everything I can to help the players develop well. By the end of the Okinawa spring camp, I will show that the coaching staff and players have become one team,” he said confidently.

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