“Antonio Conte won’t leave Tottenham until we win the title.”

Can Antonio Conte (54), manager of Tottenham, achieve his grand dream?

The British ‘Express’ said on the 11th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), “It is still unclear whether Conte will renew his contract with Tottenham. However, journalist Damesh Chess, who has high public confidence, insisted that he would not resign as manager until Conte wins the trophy.” Reported.

Currently, Tottenham’s top priority is to renew the contract with coach Conte. His contract expires at the end of this season. Tottenham have a one-year extension option with manager Conte, but they plan to hold on to it with a completely new contract.

The outlook for contract renewal was positive. According to ‘The Athletic’, Tottenham started discussing a new contract with manager Conte in October and were confident he would sign a long-term deal. The conclusion of the negotiations seemed only a matter of time.온라인카지노

The flow suddenly changed. The media said, “I am still optimistic about the renewal of Conte’s contract,” but “the atmosphere has changed as talks resumed early last week. Some analyzed that he was thinking of renewing the contract after seeing the move in the transfer market this winter.

Shess, a reporter for Sky Sports in the UK, told a different story. He appeared on the ‘Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin’ YouTube channel on the 10th and said, “I don’t know if Conte will sign a new contract.” You have to pay. That’s the goal,” he added.

Fans were stunned by the unexpected story. This is because Tottenham has not lifted the trophy since winning the League Cup in the 2007-2008 season.

Those who heard the news left comments on Chris Coughlin’s post, such as “Conte will have a funeral at Tottenham”, “He won’t be able to leave until he retires”, and “It’s a 25-year long contract.” A fan uploaded a composite photo of coach Conte with gray hair and teased, “Tottenham are hoping this will be Conte’s year after finally increasing the transfer budget to two bags of peanuts.”

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