LeBron James recently refuted Golden State Wallace coach Steve Kerr’s sarcasm, saying, “The Lakers players are good at flopping (waist action)

. ” In the second game of the NBA 2022-2023 Western Conference Finals Series against the Denver Nuggets (US time), James was involved in a flopping controversy again.In the process of competing for the ball with Nikola Jokic, James made more than necessary to induce a foul

. Gestured and fell on the court.안전놀이터 James, who went out to the sidelines, received a towel from a Denver fan and looked embarrassed.

San Antonio Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan criticized James. He tweeted, “Why is James flopping like that? Do you often do?”.

Fans also disputed James’ flopping online and heatedly debated it. Flopping refers to a player

making more than necessary gestures to get a foul.


the other hand, the Lakers, who have lost two games in a row in enemy territory, are under pressure to win Game 3 at home.

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