“Is it normal to win by just throwing a 3-point shot?” These are the words of director Kim Seung-gi.

Goyang Carrot is the only one of the 10 KBL clubs to have a higher 3-point shot attempt than a 2-point shot attempt. He attempts 34.2 3-pointers per game. 33 2-point attempts. Unconventional.

Carrot is the only one who has 3 in the first place in the number of 2-point attempts and 3 in 3-point attempts. He is averaging 12.4 3-pointers, with a success rate of 36.1%. He leads the league in all three-pointers.

In basketball these days, the 3-point shot is the trend. The 3-point shot changes the game on the court in an instant. A team that accumulates points by consistently making 2-point shots is bound to be tricky against a team that swarms with 3-point shots. I’m sure I’m winning, but the score difference isn’t much. Also, if one or two 3-pointers are hit, the atmosphere goes over.

Carrot had fun because he emphasized the 3-point shot from the beginning of the season. The first round result was 7 wins and 3 losses, running in 2nd place (currently 5th place). Although the team color is a 3-point shot, it would have been impossible without Jeon Seong-hyun. Jeon Seong-hyun is throwing an average of 9.6 3-pointers and making 4.0. In the league, the number of 3-point attempts and successful attempts are all ranked first. 먹튀검증

Coming to Carrot, Jonathan Alledge is also alive. Alledge, who entered the KBL as a temporary substitute for Marcus Derrickson of the Seoul Samsung, recorded 10.8 points and 5.0 rebounds for an average of 16 minutes and 46 seconds in 10 games for the Samsung. He didn’t even finish adjusting at Carrot, but he averaged 8 minutes, 22 seconds, 10 points and 1.7 rebounds over three games. The playing time was cut in half, but the score remained the same. In the match against SK on the 23rd, he tried 6 3-pointers and made 5 of them. For Arledge, it is an opportunity to fully demonstrate the shooting that Carrot is good at.

Manager Kim Seung-gi said, “Is it normal to win by just throwing a three-point shot? It’s still a hit. Basketball is changing like that these days, and it’s great that the crowd is enjoying it. Carrot popularity seems to be much better than before. I am proud to have made it like that. We have to show basketball that fans can like,” he said.

Not only Jeon Seong-hyun, but anyone shoots a 3-point shot. Choi Hyun-min focuses on 3-point shots from the corner, and Kim Jin-yu, who is loved by coach Kim Seung-gi for his defense and hustle play, also shoots. I can’t tell where it will explode.

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