“I’m sorry to the fans and I’m sorry to my teammates… I wanted to win a lot.”

Park Hae-min안전놀이터(LG Twins) had an argument with referee Kwon Yeong-chul at the end of the 12th inning in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League match against the Hanwha Eagles held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 20th.

Park Hae-min came to bat as the lead batter in the bottom of the 12th inning. He watched Jung Woo-ram’s first two-seam fastball. He judged that it was below the strike zone. However, referee Kwon Young-chul declared a strike.

Park Hae-min expressed regret over the strike decision. For a while he was out of the plate. After recovering his emotions, he came back to the plate and hit Jung Woo-ram’s second base. He was a good hit. However, first baseman Chae Eun-seong jumped and caught it. Park Hae-min threw his helmet and expressed regret.

After Hong Chang-ki hit, Moon Seong-joo withdrew with a floating ball to left field. In this situation, referee Kwon Young-cheol suddenly headed to LG Dugout. Referee Kwon Young-chul said to Park Hae-min, “Hey! I’m having a hard time too.” In response, Park Hae-min replied, “Who said you don’t have a hard time? Why are you looking at me? Did I look at you?” Afterwards, the LG players and referees separated the two and the situation was over.

Park Hae-min appeared as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 6th inning with 2 outs and bases loaded against Hanwha on the 21st, leading 1-0, and hit 2 RBIs in a timely manner. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “In a situation where additional goals were absolutely necessary, Park Hae-min delivered a decisive blow and was able to win.”

Park Hae-min, who met with reporters after the game, opened up about the war of words that took place on the 20th. He said, “Anyway, it’s in the past. As a player, I think I had a great desire to win (game). The most sorry thing is that I showed that way in a stadium with full crowds.” said.

He added, “Anyway, Changgi got a hit and went out. An atmosphere was created to end the game, but it seems that it was cut off because of me. I’m sorry to the fans and colleagues for that part.”

Park Hae-min said, “I should have restrained myself. It was after I entered the dugout. I wonder if I needed to do that too. But my desire to win was a little bigger.” , I was convinced that the course was a ball. Then, the hit was connected with a straight hit. If it was missed, it would have been a double or triple hit, which would have provided a foothold for the team to win, but it seems that regret for not being able to do so overlapped.”

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