He’s one of the hottest hitters in the KBO, but he says he’s not hitting well. How much more terrifying will he be when he gets it back?메이저사이트

Choi Hyung-woo started the eighth game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Tuesday as the No. 4 designated hitter and went 2-for-5 with a double and two RBIs to lead the team’s winning series.

After warming up with a single to left field in the first inning and a strikeout in the third, Choi hit a game-tying single with runners on first and second in the fifth inning with the score tied 3-3. With two on and two out, he took a six-pitch, 142-kilometer fastball from pitcher Park Chi-guk for a single to right field. It was the game-winning hit.

Choi didn’t stop there. With a 5-3 lead, Choi had the bases loaded and one out. A throwing error by the pitcher allowed Socrates Brito to advance to second on a single to center field. He scored on Lee’s slider at 1B-1S.

After the game, Choi Hyung-woo said, “My hitting hasn’t been good lately. I was lucky to get a hit. As you saw yesterday, all my pitches hit the handle of the bat. “Today, I tried to hit it in front of me somehow, but my last at-bat was also hit with the handle. It’s nice to get a hit, but I need to recover quickly. I’ll talk to the power analysis team and try to pull my hitting points forward,” he said after the unexpected victory.

Choi now ranks second in batting average and second in OPS with a .926 average, six home runs and 32 RBIs in 51 games this season. At age 40, he’s hitting like he did in his prime.

“It’s all luck,” Choi said, “When I was struggling a lot at the beginning of last year, I was off-balance and couldn’t hit, but I didn’t have a lot of lucky hits then. But this year, I got a lot of luck, so my batting average is high. Now it’s half luck,” he said modestly.

With his two hits, Choi extended his hitting streak to 48 games, but he said, “I’ve never thought about my hitting record. Even tomorrow, I won’t think about it at all. It would be nice to have a hitting streak, but it doesn’t mean much to me,” he said.

Choi’s goal is not to lead the team in batting average or OPS, but to restore the team’s 5 percent winning percentage. Fortunately, Kia has rebounded from its shock sweep of SSG with two straight wins to get back to the 5 percent mark. They are now 25-27 on the season.

Choi Hyung-woo said, “The team does well and then goes on a losing streak again. It’s hard to make a 5 percent win rate. It’s too hard,” he confessed, adding, “If we can get over the hump, we’ll be able to stabilize. I know it sounds harsh, but we need to get our batting back. I’m too disheveled right now. I really do. I’ll be happy to interview you again when I’m centered,” and left Jamsil Stadium.

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