“I will return to Arsenal. I have nothing more to say.”

Arsenal, the original team, was disappointing with a lower-than-expected appearance, but defender Nuno Tavares (23), who was in a new heyday after being loaned to Marseille in Ligue 1, France, made clear about his future after the season. He has declared that he will no longer stay at Marseille and return to Arsenal at the end of the season먹튀검증.

British sports media Sports Witness said on the 24th (Korean time), ‘Tavares has made it clear about his future. He said he would not remain at his current club, Marseille, but would return to his original team, Arsenal. “Everyone knows that I still have two years left on my contract with Arsenal,” Tavares said at the team press conference. When the season is over, I will return to Arsenal. I have nothing more to say.”

Initially, Tavares expressed his desire to remain at Marseille until the second half of last year. It is because he only experienced frustration at Arsenal, while he opened a new golden age in Marseille. Tavares left Benfica for Arsenal in the summer of 2021. Arsenal had high expectations by signing a four-year contract with Tavares at the time.

However, Tavares did not live up to expectations at Arsenal. He was treated as a ‘hole’ due to repeated mistakes, especially on the defensive side. Eventually, Arsenal was loaned to Marseille last summer. The loan decision ultimately benefited Arsenal, Tavares and Marseille. He took over as Marseille’s main left-back and helped the team compete for the league title. He returned to his prime form, scoring 6 goals in 27 appearances. Marseille is currently in second place in the league, challenging Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for first place. The difference is 5 points. Even if you lose the championship race, advance to the Champions League is almost certain. Tavares’ role was great.

Because of this, Marseille wants a complete transfer of Tavares. Originally, Tavares also tried to put a ‘complete transfer clause’ at the time of the rental transfer. But Arsenal turned it down. So after the season, Tavares has no choice but to return to Arsenal. If Marseille makes a deal in the transfer market after the season, it is expected that a full transfer may be achieved.

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