‘Ice bath team’ Woods father and son “The best of dad’s play recently”… “You used to be good”

Even though the father and son complained of injuries side by side to the point of being called the ‘ice bath team’, they finished the tournament safely and made a memory.

Woods competed with his son Charlie at the PNC Championship (total prize money of $1.085 million) held at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club (par 72) in Orlando, Florida, USA on the 19th (Korean time) and tied for 8th place.

Woods and his son, who participated for three consecutive years, were considered strong candidates for the championship this time. Even until the first round, he opened up the possibility of winning by 2 strokes in a tie for second place, but he failed to spurt in the final round.

The result may be regrettable, but it was an unavoidable result because both Woods and his son Charlie were in poor physical condition. Woods, who has been unable to walk for a long time after a car accident, is suffering from plantar fasciitis, and Charlie suffered a left ankle injury before the competition. The plan for Charlie to take over the long game and Woods to win the short game also collapsed.

Aside from the results, the Woods father and son caused a topic throughout the competition, and Charlie attracted attention by showing a further growth. Woods also raised expectations by showing an improved shot than a few months ago.

“Plant fasciitis is no fun,” Woods said. “We were both like penguins walking outside.” Charlie, who said he had a “very minor injury,” was deeply impressed by his father, the ‘golf emperor’.

“I feel like I already know you can do it,” Charlie said. “And yesterday was the best he’s ever played. I was a little shocked.”

Then Woods, who smiled broadly, replied, “I did well in the past.” 토토

Woods is gearing up for the new season. “Now I can really heal and move forward. A lot of things are getting better physically, I can stop and hit the ball and practice and do everything. I can’t get from A to B yet, but we definitely will,” he vowed. .

US Golf Digest said, “Woods will work hard to recover during the offseason and prepare to fight next season. If Woods plays at the Masters in April, as many expected, he will not be in his prime. Woods He knows that too, but he also knows that he doesn’t have to do anything special to give us good news.”