Bad news broke out ahead of the opening of professional baseball. Suspicions arose that Jang Jeong-seok, general manager of the KIA Tigers, asked for back money during the negotiation process for remaining. The club admitted that the matter was serious and held its own disciplinary committee on the morning of the 29th to make a final decision on dismissal. 

The two sides negotiated a retention, 안전놀이터including a multi-year contract, during last year’s season. However, something happened that no one expected. At the negotiating table, Jang asked for money back.

Park Dong-won’s side recorded the contents of former director Jang’s voice. I sent the recording file to the club through the Players Association. The club confirmed the facts and general manager Jang expressed his appreciation. The club reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

The fact that Park Dong-won sent the recording file means that it was recognized as a deliberate request. It is interpreted that the recording file was released to prevent recurrence. 

The club strictly recognized that it was a comment that should not have been made, no matter how joking, and opened a disciplinary committee and dismissed him. He even announced a separate apology and bowed his head. The Clean Baseball Center is expected to figure out the circumstances and make a final decision sooner or later. 

In addition, the sight of a teacher and student who have been in a relationship for over ten years facing catastrophe adds to the bitterness. 

General manager Jang apologized on behalf of catcher Park Dong-won when controversy arose over allegations of sexual assault at a hotel while coaching Nexen. As a teacher with responsibility for management, he looked after his pupil.  

He was appointed as the general manager of KIA and was recruited by trade from Kiwoom to KIA at the end of April last year. Infielder Kim Tae-jin was given 1 billion won in cash and the right to nominate a newcomer. It was judged that fall baseball was possible if there was Park Dong-won as the catcher, who was in a vulnerable position in the KIA.  

Park Dong-won, who was a backup at Kiwoom, also welcomed the trade. Since he was about to qualify for FA, it was possible to sign a contract under good conditions if he made a contribution as a KIA starter. The team also succeeded in advancing to the final 5, and it seemed like a happy ending where everyone laughed.

However, the remaining negotiations broke down and Park Dong-won left KIA and signed a contract with LG. Ahead of the season opening, the recording was reported, leading to the dismissal of former general manager Jang.

Above all, it is shocking that an impossible and inappropriate request came out of the negotiation process. Director Jang has no way to escape criticism regardless of whether he is true or not. He left a big stain on his baseball life. 

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