It’s a swing. It’s not going to be called a dune, but I’m worried about the area where the ball hit, right? (Commentator Park Jae-hong)”먹튀검증

The intention of the swing was there. It was just a matter of timing.

The foreign pitcher raised his arms and shouted. The commander immediately reacted furiously when the call was made. But the call didn’t change.

This happened in the Lotte-Samsung game in Ulsan on June 6. In the bottom of the fourth inning, with the bases loaded and one out, Samsung’s Widener threw a 144-kilometer fastball toward the body of Yoo Kang-nam.

Yoo flinched as the ball came toward him, but his body had already turned and he swung after being hit. Commentator Park Jae-hong said, “It’s a swing. Being hit while trying to swing is different from being hit while trying to stop. It looked like he was hit while swinging.”

The umpire disagreed: “The moment the ball hit the batter’s body, it was a dead ball, and the swing happened after the ball hit the batter. “I think the umpire saw the bat spin in the process of flinching in fear of being hit by the ball,” Park added.

Samsung head coach Park Jin-man and assistant coach Lee Byung-kyu had been waiting outside the dugout earlier in the day. As soon as the umpire’s ‘dune’ call was made, the two protested intensely. The starting wideout also showed his frustration with a series of angry gestures and facial expressions, including bursting into laughter and drawing a video review pose. Veteran catcher Kang Min-ho and captain Koo Ja-rook helped him calm down.

When asked about the umpire’s explanation, Park said, “I took a swing, but it spun and hit me in the body first. It means that the tip of the bat hit the ball before it spun, but I’m still a little puzzled.” “To me, it was one motion. I appealed because it was a complete swing, regardless of whether I was hit first. I think Widener was also wondering, ‘Isn’t it a swing?'” he explained.

Fortunately, Samsung had won the previous day, 7-2. “Widener pitched well with 5⅓ innings and two runs, even though he was struggling, and the bullpen did its job well, giving us a foothold in the game,” Park said, emphasizing that “it was fortunate that the flow was broken with the Byung-sal hit (right after the Yugangnam dune), but it would have been a tough game if it had continued.”

On the other hand, acting Lotte manager Lee Jong-woon said, “It hit my body before I swung and the bat turned. I think the umpire saw it normally.”

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