Huh In-hoe, Maeng Dong-seop, Jeong Chan-min… The year of the black rabbit, the year of the rabbit to accept the Korean tour

From 1987 to 1999. Rabbit year golfers are determined to accept the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour in 2023, the year of the cat, which symbolizes the ‘black rabbit’.

Heo In-hoe (36, Geumgang House) and Maeng Dong-seop (36, BRIC) are the 1987 rabbits who will be active on this year’s tour.

The two, who ate rice together as members of the Armed Forces Sports Corps, which was temporarily established for the 2015 Mungyeong World Military Games, are also ‘preparatory dads’ who are scheduled to give birth this year.

Heo In-hoe, who has a total of 5 wins (4 wins in Korea and 1 win in the Japan tour), ranked first in the Korean Tour average putts last year.

Heo In-hoe said, “My son will be born in February of this year. I want to become a great father with good grades.”

Maeng Dong-seop, who has won three tours, dreams of a new leap forward in 2023, the year of the rabbit. Maeng Dong-seop, who shook off his injury last year, participated in a total of 15 competitions and passed the cut in 7 competitions, including 4 ‘Top 10’, and had a successful comeback season.

Maeng Dong-seop said, “There is a celebration in which my daughter is born in April this year. I want to be a proud father to my daughter.”

Among those born in 1999, Jung Chan-min (24, CJ OnStyle) and Go Gun-taek (24, Daebo Construction) stand out. Both are determined to win their first tour career in the Year of the Rabbit.

Jung Chan-min, who debuted last year, boasted a long distance of 317.111 yards on average and received the ‘Rocket Battery Long Hit Award’. He participated in 14 tournaments and succeeded in passing 7 cuts, including two top 10s, but he did not enter the top ranks many times. 토토

Jeong Chan-min said, “I received the long hitter award last year, but it was regrettable that I could not win. In 2023, my goal is to record my first win.” did.

Go Gun-taek, a former national team member, is also noteworthy. In the first round of the 2019 ‘Genesis Championship’, Go Gun-taek, who set a course record by driving 10 under par, including 1 eagle and 8 birdies, is knocking on the door to win every year.

Ko Gun-taek, who tied for 4th at the KB Financial Live Championship last year and recorded his personal best, is aiming for his first win in 4 years since his debut.

In addition, Lee Jae-kyung (24), who won the 2019 Rookie of the Year award and two tour victories, is also sweating to make up for the sluggish performance last season.

Rookie players in the year of the rabbit who debut on this year’s tour, such as Kim Eui-in (24), Park Hyung-wook (24), and Yoon Do-won (24), are determined to make this year their own.