On the 4th, a dizzying situation unfolded in the match between Daegu Hanwha Eagles and Samsung Lions. Samsung outfielder Jose Pirella collided with the fence and collapsed while trying to catch a fly ball to left field with two outs in the ninth inning. Samsung won a valuable victory with Pirella’s lake fee, but couldn’t just laugh as Pirella was escorted by ambulance. 

Fortunately, no major injuries were avoided.안전놀이터 Diagnosed with a simple bruise at the hospital, Pirella soon returned to the frontlines. Since then, he has been playing full-time games without difficulty, although his batting performance is not good. Samsung coach Park Jin-man said of Pirella’s condition, “It is getting better little by little.” “Pirella has a strong will to participate. He praised his passion, saying, “If he’s a professional player, he has to show that.” 

Wearing a Samsung uniform in 2021, Pirella, who is in the third year of the KBO League, has been famous as an ‘icon of passion’ since before. His unstoppable hustle play with the unstoppable ‘bull run’ became a model for his teammates and thrilled fans who visited the stadium. Even though Pirella recorded somewhat stagnant results in 2021, Samsung’s push to renew the contract without hesitation was largely due to his passion, which has a great influence on the team. 

The dizzying lake rain on the 4th was a product of Pirella’s passion. It was a dangerous moment, but for Pirella, it was a ‘play you have to play’. “Every player has to play passionately,” he said. That is a gift that can be repaid to the fans who visit the stadium,” he said. It was a part where I could get a glimpse of Pirella’s sincerity and passion. 

Some foreign players were impressed by Pirella’s passion. Austin Dean, a foreign hitter for the LG Twins, prides himself on being second to none when it comes to passion. On the 8th, in the game against Samsung in Jamsil, Austin endured heel pain and was substituted at the end of the 9th inning and scored a final hit. When the final victory was confirmed, he jumped up and cheered despite his pain, and expressed extraordinary passion by making big gestures to his teammates and fans in succession. 

However, even for Austin, Pirella’s struggle with injury seems to have been meaningful. Austin said, “I don’t know about Pirella, but I naturally learned that he is a very hard-working player by watching him run.” “I saw him crash into the fence recently. I want to become a player who dedicates himself to the victory of the team while passionately devoting himself to the team.” Austin’s enthusiasm was further stimulated. 

People often used the word ‘mercenary’ for foreign players playing in the KBO League. Fans called it that way for foreign players who renew their contracts every year in terms of performance, as an expression of paying large sums of money for performance and recruiting players with excellent abilities. 

But lately, the word mercenary has disappeared a lot. Recently, foreign players are no longer ‘foreigners’, but as members of the team, showing extraordinary efforts and passion, and the boundaries of ‘mercenaries’ are collapsing. This is why Pirella and Austin, who are as good as their passion, are loved by fans. 

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