The Hype Basketball Class recorded an excellent record of being runner-up in the Weplay Sports Middle School 1st Year Basketball Tournament.

Gunmin Kim,카지노사이트 Yoonseo Jeong, Gangho Kim, Hangyul, Choongwon Lee, Dongyeop Kim, Hyeonjun Seo, Hyungdong Kim, Seohoo Ji, Woobin Shin, Seungmin Jang, Yoojun Seon, and Kyunghyuk Kim belonged to the Bucheon Hifi Basketball Classroom, which met the assist basketball class in the first round of the preliminary round and lost 30-12. He won and started the race in a good mood. Afterwards, he met training team K and won by 19 points. Haipi, who showed excellent performance in the group stage, met No Liter Basketball Class in the quarterfinals and won 19-12.

In particular, from the quarterfinals, the competition was fierce. At the end of the game, he received a technical foul and went to overtime, but managed to win by one point. Although I lost to Tough Gym in the final, I had a meaningful time.

However, Jeon Han-joo, head coach of the high-fi basketball class, said, “I was looking forward to it because it was my first tournament after entering middle school, but it seems that I did not live up to my expectations. It seems that we neglected physical training and overlooked the fact that other teams also grow as our children grow. Individual play has improved a lot, but there are many things that are lacking in team play, so I plan to focus on team play.”

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