Hanwha head coach Lee Dae-jin spoke about working together with manager Carlos Subero as head coach in an unusual way.

After the Korean Series in the 2022 season, Hanwha recruited SSG pitching coach Lee Dae-jin. Coach Lee, who won the championship at SSG, was appointed as the head coach, and this coach will be with Carlos Subero. Until now, Subero has had the head coach as a foreign coach, but this time he has this coach by his side.

Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk decided to appoint coach Lee as head coach through a meeting with head coach Subero at the same time as taking office. Coach Subero and Coach Lee worked together from the finish camp. According to the 스포츠토토Hanwha team, until this camp, head coach Subero and coach Lee are communicating smoothly. The following is a Q&A with this coach.

– The head coach is the first. How is the camp going?
I always went to spring camp as a pitching coach, but it is awkward and new to have camp as head coach for the first time in my life. When he was a pitching coach, he only needed to care about pitchers, but he has to take care of all the drills, so he is busy moving from one stadium to another. He basically has the role of looking for complements and sharing the contents while watching the training. He also monitors the players and checks their attitude and atmosphere during training.

– You value communication. Is communication going well?
As the head coach, I communicate a lot with the coach. It seems that the director is trying hard to listen. Unlike the foreign head coaches I’ve worked with, I have a lot of knowledge about Korean baseball, so I’m working hard to see him often and talk to him actively. During the camp, there will come a time when the players will be stressed out and have a hard time, but I also have a lot of conversations with the coaches so that the players can create a good atmosphere.

-What do you usually talk about with the coaches?
Above all, coaches should not be shaken. Then the players shake too. If the coaches never waver and form one team, the players follow the mood, so the original team is emphasized.

– You must have been worried about Hanwha’s proposal.
I had a lot of worries after receiving the proposal from general manager Son Hyuk, but I accepted the offer because I thought that experiencing the season with a foreign coach was an opportunity for me to develop personally. I was able to prepare for my current role by learning many things from many head coaches, both as a player and as a coach. I wanted to try the position of head coach at least once, and I am enjoying my life thinking that building a team as head coach will be a valuable experience for me. I am also communicating with the director, and he trusts me and entrusts me with the field. In order for Hanwha to become a strong team, I will do my best to conduct a successful camp by assisting the coach and communicating well with the coaches and players.

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