The sound of music resonated in the spring camp training ground, where only the sound of the wind passing by and the sound of players batting could be heard메이저놀이터 .

The protagonist of Gok Sori is Han Hyun-hee (3+1 year 4 billion), who transferred from Kiwoom to Lotte. Han Hyun-hee is attending the 2023 Lotte Spring Camp held in Guam this time, receiving lots of affection from the coaches and is training with all his might.

After a light warm-up in the morning, Han Hyun-hee had a hellish (?) running time under the guidance of conditioning coach Kim Hyun-wook. According to the pitching team’s coaching staff’s request to improve basic physical strength and lose as much physical strength as possible, conditioning coach Kim Hyun-wook trained the players.

Unlike the morning when she warmed up with a smile, Han Hyun-hee ran and ran and ran until she couldn’t breathe. However, because she is such a cheerful player, she went to training without showing any signs of tiredness, and she seemed to get along with the Lotte players without hesitation. 2022.02.03 

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