Gyeongnam FC, a professional football club, is facing its biggest crisis since its founding, with sluggish performance, which has been relegated to the second division for the fourth year, and poor management last month.

This week at KBS Debate Gyeongnam, we looked at how to normalize Gyeongnam FC, which is on the brink of extinction, and become a true provincial club.

Reporter Lee Dae-wan reports.


Gyeongnam FC celebrates its 17th anniversary this year as a Domin baseball team!

In addition to the sluggish performance, which was the fourth year of relegation to the second division, and the poor management of the club, Gyeongsangnam-do recently announced high-intensity measures, mentioning the dissolution of the team. [Cha Seok-ho/Chief of Gyeongsangnam-do Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau/Last 30th : “Is it the most desirable phenomenon for clubs that are shunned

by the citizens to continue investing huge amounts of money to run their clubs?”

criticized for not being able to.

[Soundbite] Choi Dong-ho(Director, Sports Culture Research Institute) : “I feel that it is a trial of the story that has been told whenever a problem occurred in the city-domin club, and that it is nothing more than a comprehensive story of what can be said.

” It is because of the governance structure that shakes the team identity and operating system whenever the governor changes.

[Soundbite] Han Nam-hee/Professor토토사이트, Department of International Sports, Korea University : “In the case of Gyeongnam FC, 59% of the shares are held by the province, so in my view, this is not a provincial club, but a provincial government team. It’s just a provincial government team…”]

For this reason, he pointed out the need for marketing that can strengthen communication with the citizens by actively referring to overseas cases that can exclude political influence.

[Soundbite] Han Nam-hee(Professor, Department of International Sports, Korea University) : “There is a famous case in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers. All citizens of the Green Bay Packers, with a population of 100,000, own the stock.”]

[Choi Dong -ho /Director of the Sports Culture Research Institute: “As long as time permits, in order to give the Domin club a sense of connection as our team, our players can teach soccer to sportsmen or amateur club members…”]

This crisis is facing the reeling Gyeongnam FC. Whether it will be an opportunity for a metamorphosis, the attention of the residents and soccer fans is focused.

This is Lee Dae-wan from KBS News.

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