It’s the backup goalkeeper’s turn to make his mark.

Kim Eun-joong’s South Korea U20 team will face Gambia at 6 a.m. ET on June 29 at the Mendoza Stadium in Argentina in their third Group F match of the FIFA U20 World Cup 2023.

It’s time for a new goalkeeper.메이저사이트 South Korea handed the gloves to Kim Jun-hong (Gimcheon Commerce) in the first game against France (2-1 win) and the second game against Honduras (2-2 draw). Kim was dubbed “Light Jun-hong” for his dazzling saves and reliable handling of aerial balls against France.

However, due to an incomprehensible call, he conceded a penalty kick (PK) and received a warning. He collided with the opposing attacker, but referee John Ospina called a foul on Kim Jun-hong. He complained of a headache after the foul and conceded the PK.

He was also cautioned in the second game. It came in the second overtime with the score tied at 2-2. Kim Jun-hong was shown a yellow card for delay of game while preparing for a goal kick. With one warning each for Game 1 and Game 2, Kim Jun-hong will not be able to play in Game 3.

The other two goalkeepers, Moon Hyun-ho (Chungnam Asan) and Kim Jung-hoon (Korea University), are ready to go. Moon is 193 centimeters tall. He is the tallest of the 21 South Korean players in the tournament. He is known for his excellent physical condition and his ability to make good saves.

There”s also Kim Jung-hoon. He was born in 2004 and is one year younger than Kim Jun-hong and Moon Hyun-ho. He has good footwork and is considered to have excellent buildup skills. Of the 21 players, only Choi Seok-hyun (Dankook University) and Kim Jung-hoon are college students. The other 19 players are all members of professional teams.

“Recovery is the most important thing,” said Kim Eun-joong, who is preparing for the third match. After recovering well, we will give more than 100 percent in the Gambia match.” With one win and one draw, South Korea is currently second in the group, while their third-place opponents, the Gambia, are first with two wins. South Korea must beat the Gambia to top the group.

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