Professional soccer K League 2 (2nd division) Gimpo FC has been at the forefront since the opening of the season, continuing undefeated in 10 consecutive matches (6 wins, 4 draws).

Gimpo drew 0-0 with Seongnam FC in the 11th round of Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 held at Gimpo Salter Soccer Field on the 3rd.

Although Gimpo did not win,크크크벳 it maintained its lead with 22 points, recording a 10-game undefeated record since the opening of the season. Seongnam marked 7th with 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses (15 points).

Leading Gimpo tried to win in front of the home fans by starting foreign strikers Luis, Juninho, and Paulo.

Conscious of Gimpo, which was on the rise in the early stages, Seongnam started with a three-back tactic, focusing on defense first and then counterattacking.

Just as Gimpo coach Go Jeong-woon worried before the game, “The more organized a team like Seongnam is, the more difficult it is to play against. It will not be an easy game.” Gimpo struggled against Seongnam’s solid defense. In particular, when the Seongnam defenders exerted tough physical fights and strong pressure, the three foreign players in Gimpo were annoyed and could hardly concentrate on the game.

However, as time passed and Gimpo increased possession, Luis, Juninho and Pablo began to move threateningly. The three players in the forefront organically kicked the Seongnam goal. Although it didn’t lead to a goal, Lewis’ shot mid-range shot at the end of the first half was enough to put tension on Seongnam’s defense.

Both Gimpo and Seongnam, who finished the first half without scoring, made changes to the front at the start of the second half. Gimpo put in Son Seok-yong, and Seongnam put in Chris.

Both teams aimed for the first goal through quick transitions, but the accuracy of the last pass and shooting was poor, so it was difficult to score.

In the 19th minute of the second half when the score was tight 0-0, Gimpo scored the opening goal from a free kick. In the free kick situation, Kim Min-ho, who joined the attack, threw his body and headed, shaking the Seongnam goal. However, as a result of video review, offside was confirmed in the scoring scene, and the goal was canceled.

Even after that, Gimpo led the game by continuing to attack without rest. However, in the 33rd minute of the second half, Sohn Seok-yong’s decisive shot was blocked by goalkeeper Choi Pil-soo, leaving regret.

Both teams exchanged attacks to score one goal at the end of the game, but due to lack of detail in the finishing process, they failed to score and split the victory point by one point each.

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