Gimhae, Gyeongnam, where more than 20,000 foreigners live, is hosting a mini-World Cup tournament to showcase the soccer skills of each country.

Gimhae City held the ‘2023 Gimhae City Mini Foreigner World Cup’ on the 17th at the Citizen Sports Park soccer field and Eobang Stadium.

Nine teams, including eight foreign teams from Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, China, Cambodia, and Thailand, and the Gimhae City Hall soccer team, will compete for soccer skills.온라인바카라

The teams will compete in league matches on the 17th and the final on the 24th.

The Foreign Residents Mini World Cup project proposed by Gimhae City was selected as a project to support multicultural and foreign residents that the National Council of Multicultural Cities contested earlier this year, leading to the tournament.

Gimhae City organized the tournament to encourage foreign residents to get attached to Gimhae City and socialize with them through soccer.

The National Council of Multicultural Cities is an organization for local governments with more than 10,000 foreign residents or a ratio of foreign residents to the total population of more than 3 percent.

Gimhae City received 14 million won in support from the National Multicultural City Council and 5 million won in municipal expenses to host the Mini World Cup.

Gimhae has a total population of 550,000, with 25,000 foreigners and compatriots.

It ranks 14th among local governments nationwide and has the highest number of foreigners among the 18 cities and counties in Gyeongnam.

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