‘Gold Glove catcher’ Sean Murphy (29, Atlanta Braves), who had much higher expectations for defense at the time of his recruitment, is showing off an amazing offensive power.

Murphy recorded안전놀이터 a batting average of 0.268, 10 homers, 34 RBIs, 25 runs, 34 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.400 OPS of 0.975 in 37 games of the season until the 19th (Korean time).

This is more than half of the 18 home runs recorded last year. That’s incredible home run pace considering he’s still a long way from the All-Star break.

In addition, Murphy only posted an on-base percentage of 0.332 and an OPS of 0.759 last year. However, this season, his slugging power and walk/strikeout ratio have significantly improved, improving his performance.

It is not that the rest of the offense has collapsed, which is an advantage. Murphy has been outstanding in various defensive stats this season as well.

In other words, the Gold Glove catcher made a big upgrade in offense. Accordingly, Murphy, along with teammate Ronald Acuña Jr. (26), is being evaluated as a candidate for MVP.

If Murphy continues his performance, there is a good chance that he will win the National League Gold Glove and Silver Slugger at the same time this season.

After acquiring Murphy in a trade, Atlanta signed a six-year, $73 million contract. This is being evaluated as another club-friendly contract.

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