A player who suffered a terrible injury appeared in Germany’s Bundesliga 2.

Germany’s ‘Sport 1’ reported on the 3rd안전놀이터 (Korean time), “Darmstadt’s Matthias Bader suffered serious injuries in a collision with an opponent. He will be out of the club for several weeks.”

Darmstadt’s right-back Bader suffered a serious injury in a match against Jan Regensburg on the 28th of last month. This is because in the 28th minute of the second half, in the scene of a collision with opponent Minos Goras, the groin part was hit by a soccer shoe stud. Shocked, Vader collapsed on the ground in pain.

The medical team was put in and treated for a long time. Vader, who received first aid and expressed his willingness to play on the pitch for about two more minutes, was eventually replaced.

After the match, coach Thorsten Liebknecht said, “He suffered a serious injury. He had an emergency operation because of the pain. He will be out for a few weeks. It’s a big loss for us.”

German ‘Bild’ additionally reported Vader’s injury status. “Vader suffered a ruptured testicle that tore the testicular sac that protects the tissue inside. The pain was so severe that a urologist recommended surgery. He was able to leave the hospital earlier this week,” the media explained.

If there is no secondary damage, you will be out of action for about 3 to 4 weeks. So far, Vader has been the core of the team, appearing in all but one game.

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