“In my case, I’m still not able to hit the ball properly.”

Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom Heroes) arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 1st. He returned after a more diligent winter than ever, from the new season spring camp of the original team Kiwoom to the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) 바카라national team training.

Lee Jung-hoo modified his off-season batting form. He lowered his arm position and shortened his stride to simplify the way his swing came out as much as possible. He modified his batting stance to cope with fast balls. It’s still an adaptation phase. He diligently trained, but he still lacks the sense of actual combat.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “The most important thing is that I did well in training without injury. I think I need to raise it quickly because I lack the sense of practice.”

Lee Jung-hoo recorded a batting average of 0.400 (4 hits in 10 at-bats), 2 RBIs and 3 runs during the 4 practice games the national team had in the United States. The sample was good, but not satisfactory. “Hitters can come up and continue. In my case, I’m still not able to hit the ball properly. My brothers are not in a state to worry about, but I’m most worried. I think I need to hit the ball straight quickly,” he said.

“(The changed batting form) is a form I have never played before, so of course I thought it would not fit. I am in a state of finding the most comfortable form among the changed forms. do,” he added.

Last season, Lee Jung-hoo grew into the best hitter in the league by winning 5 batting crowns (batting average, RBI, hits, slugging percentage, on-base percentage) and was selected as the league MVP. It is a situation where there are so many expectations. He was worried that he would not be able to hit accurately, but he said he would perform well and go back to the United States, where the semi-finals would be held.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “My biggest goal is to return to the United States. To do that, I know that the match against Australia (the first match) is the most important. I will prepare well for the remaining 10 days and try to win the match against Australia and show a great performance in the match against Korea and Japan. I will do it,” he said, expressing his strong determination for the international competition.

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