‘Feast of the Stars’ Women’s Basketball All-Star Game, 8 days after 3 years ‘Jump Ball’

The ‘Feast of the Stars’ Women’s Basketball All-Star Festival will be held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon at 1:30 pm on the 8th, three years after the 2019-2020 season.

All 1,451 seats were sold out at this all-star game, and Shin Ji-hyeon (Bucheon Hana 1Q) captained the pink star, and Lee So-hee (Busan BNK) captained the blue star. Shin Ji-hyun took the honor of first place, beating Kim Dan-bi (Asan Woori Bank), who ranked first in the All-Star fan vote for six consecutive years.

In the Allst Draft held on December 27th, the captains of both teams selected players over a total of 3 rounds, and as a result, 7 players and 5 players from teams related to Gyeongin and India were selected for Pink Star and Blue Star, respectively. Regardless of the team, the team that produced the most all-stars was Shinhan Bank, which produced five. Yongin Samsung Life followed with four.

In addition to captain Shin Ji-hyeon, Jung Ye-rim (Hanawon Q), Kang Yu-rim, Kiana Smith (above Samsung Life Insurance), Sonia Kim, Han Chae-jin, and Lee Kyung-in (above Shinhan Bank) will participate in Pink Star. In addition, Kang Iseul (Cheongju KB), Kim Dan-bi, and Park Ji-hyun (above Woori Bank) were teamed up. 토토

In Blue Star, Bae Hye-yoon, Lee Joo-yeon (above Samsung Life Insurance), Kim Jin-young, Yoo Seung-hee (above Shinhan Bank), and Kim Ji-young (above Hanawon Q) were chosen by Captain Lee So-hee to shine at the festival. In addition, Kim Han-byeol, Jinan (above BNK), and Park Hye-jin (Woori Bank) were named.

On the other hand, Woori Bank manager Wi Sung-woo is in charge of the Pink Star team, and Guna Dan (Shinhan Bank) and Kim Wan-soo (KB) help as coaches. Blue Star will be joined by Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae as the head coach, Park Jeong-eun (BNK) and Kim Do-wan (Hanawon Q) as coaches.

In the All-Star Game, Kim Anna, Shin Ji-hyun (above Hana One Q), Kang Yu-rim, Kim Dan-bi (above Samsung Life Insurance), Sonia Kim, Yoo Seung-hee (above Shinhan Bank), and Kim Dan-bi participated in the ‘three-point shot contest’ competing for a prize money of 1 million won. A total of 13 people will participate, including Park Ji-hyeon (Woori Bank), Lee So-hee, Kim Han-byeol (BNK), Kang Iseul, Huh Ye-eun, Shim Seong-young (KB).