Gyeongbuk Gyeongju is gaining popularity as a winter training ground based on its excellent sports infrastructure.

According to the city of Gyeongju on the 16th, from January to February this year, 100 teams and 2,000 people will have winter training in Gyeongju in three events: soccer, baseball, and taekwondo.

About 1,000 people from 50 soccer teams will train at Alcheon Stadium and Soccer Park, 400 people from 12 baseball teams will train at Gyeongju Baseball Park, and 600 people from 38 taekwondo teams will train at the Bulguk Sports Center.

The number of athletes participating in winter training increased by 29.4% from 1,545 people in 66 teams during the same period last year.

Gyeongju City explains that the reason why Gyeongju is popular as a winter training ground for various sports is that it has excellent infrastructure, abundant accommodations, convenient transportation, and mild climate.

Alcheon Stadium and Soccer Park have 8 natural turf and 3 artificial turf, and Gyeongju Baseball Park also has a reputation for excellent facilities. 온라인바카라

The Bulguk Sports Center, which opened in 2021, is considered the best place for Taekwondo training with a large space and good facilities for training.

The city provides all winter training grounds free of charge and supports medical services to attract more athletes.

Mayor Joo Nak-young said, “Many athletes are looking for Gyeongju as a winter training ground every year, so we are playing a role in revitalizing the local economy during the off-season.” I will,” he said.

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