Kazuyoshi Miura, who joined Portuguese second division UD Oliveirense, expressed his determination after transferring.

Miura appeared on Japan’s Fuji TV Wide Show on the 29th and expressed her determination to challenge the European stage at the age of 55. 스포츠토토

He moved from Yokohama FC, where he played since 2005, to Oliverence. In a conversation with former Japanese national striker Masakiyo Meizono, Miura said, “I had hesitation. It will be difficult, but I always think alone and move forward. It would be nice if I could grow as a person in a new place this time.”

Miura is the first generation to study soccer in Brazil. He made his debut at Santos FC in 1986 and played professionally in Brazil for four years before returning to Japan with a transfer to Yomiuri FC. After that, he briefly lived in Europe, such as Genoa CFC and Dinamo Zagreb, and has not been able to go to Europe until the age of 55.

Miura confessed, “As I get older, my body gets weaker, but my mood gets better. It’s really the last chance to transfer to the Portuguese second division at this age.” He said, “The football culture you can experience in Europe and the energy you get there is amazing. I want to make the most of it.”

Even at the late age of 55, he continues his active life, and it is not just a good look. Some criticize him for not retiring just for the sake of his record. There is a complex relationship in the background. His weak team, Yokohama FC, needed a means of publicity, and Miura wanted to continue his active career, so the two wanted each other.

Miura was honest. “If you say this, you can become a skin, but you can come home without playing in a single game. But I hope you take on a challenge and absorb various things.”

Miura left only the medical test. His first match after Miura wears an Oliverence uniform is against Mafra on the 4th of the following month. Attention is focusing on whether Miura can be included in the 20-man squad.

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