The Seoul match between Doosan and LG, which was scheduled to be held on Children’s Day, was canceled due to rain.

On May 5, 안전놀이터Children’s Day, the first game of the weekend 3-game series between Doosan and LG was scheduled to be played at Jamsil Baseball Stadium, but was canceled due to rain. The tradition of Seoul rivals going head-to-head on Children’s Day first started in 1996. Every year except 2002, Seoul rivals Doosan and LG faced each other at Jamsil Stadium on Children’s Day.

Due to heavy rain across the country, matches at four stadiums, including Jamsil Stadium, were canceled due to rain.

In the Seoul area, heavy rain is forecast all day on Children’s Day on May 5th. Heavy rain is predicted across the country until the morning of the 6th.

Despite the rainy weather, some fans visited the stadium. I waited for the baseball players with an umbrella.

However, rain continued to fall as predicted and the match was canceled due to rain.

This is the first time Seoul Rival Match has been canceled on Children’s Day. The children’s day rivalry match that lasted for 30 years was unfortunately canceled due to rain. If it hadn’t rained, the players from both teams planned to hold many events on the ground, riding bikes with children.

However, the raindrops that fell indifferently did not stop. Supervisor Kim Si-jin canceled the game 2 hours before the start of the match, when the fans entered, due to ground conditions caused by rain.

Baseball fans who visited the stadium holding children’s hands on Children’s Day had no choice but to collapse. It was unfortunate that it was raining, but I couldn’t help it.

The event scheduled to be held inside the stadium was canceled, but the autograph session outside the stadium was held. I couldn’t ignore the fans who visited the baseball field.

Yang Eui-ji and Choi Ji-gang represented Doosan, while Hong Chang-gi and Lee Ji-gang represented LG.

Unfortunately, the match was canceled due to rain, but the autograph session was able to soothe the hearts of the children fans who visited the stadium.

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