Coach Hwang Seon-hong took advantage of the A-match period in March to select 25 players each for the U-22 (under 22 years old) and U-24 (under 24 years old) national teams, and took a total of 50 players to Qatar. It was to prepare for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will be held in September, and the 2024 Paris Olympics scheduled for next year. 

The U-22 national team, which will 메이저사이트participate in the Paris Olympics, won the 2023 Doha Cup friendly competition held in Doha, Qatar on the 29th by beating the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 3-0 in the final. He also left a pleasant record of 7 goals and no goals in 3 games. 

Head coach Hwang Seon-hong, who arrived at Incheon International Airport after completing an expedition to Qatar on the same day, said, “You shouldn’t use this Doha Cup as a standard. The target is not there. I think we need to improve our defense to go to a higher level.” 

Director Hwang Seon-hong is busier than ever. This is because the first qualifying round for the Olympics will be held in September and the Asian Games will be held. Coach Hwang said, “This time, I went on an expedition to inspect the players. (Remaining) There are only two convocations in June and September. I plan to prepare well for the first qualifying round and the Asian Games.” 

In particular, the U-24 national team, which will participate in the Asian Games in September, lacked time to keep pace. We lost 0-2 in a practice match against Al Garrafa in Qatar. Coach Hwang Seon-hong said, “Since June of last year, the 24-year-old has not been summoned. Building organizational skills is important. The Olympic members have continuity as it is the third convocation, but the Asian Games representative is running out of time. We are concentrating on building a player pool. I wonder if we will prepare together (with the Olympic team) from June,” he said. 

It is also a concern that there is not enough time to spend with Lee Kang-in and Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic), who can participate in both the Asian Games and the Olympics. The two are certain to be called up by head coach Hwang Seon-hong, but they are also a necessary resource for the senior national team. During the A-match period in March, he played an active part in the adult national team. 

Coach Hwang Seon-hong said, “It would be nice to continue working together, but Oh Hyun-gyu played once in Hwaseong last year against Uzbekistan in an evaluation match, and Lee Kang-in continues to be unable to meet. I want to meet you soon and do it together.” 

In order to select players, it is essential to organize traffic with the soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Director Hwang Seon-hong said, “I met director Klinsman in Sangam and told him the situation. The director also suggested that we meet before June or September to talk over a cup of tea. You have a very open mind. He believes that there should be a cooperative relationship through communication.” 

Wild cards are also struggling. Director Hwang Seon-hong said, “I have a certain outline. There are also adult national team players, so I will discuss the whole thing with the coaching staff once again.” “It is difficult to reveal the name (of the wild card candidate). We are constantly monitoring and looking for possible players. I think the wild card will have to join as the competition is imminent.”

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