Coach Colin Bell (62), who leads the Korean women’s national soccer team, was delighted with the players’ performance in a scoreless victory.

The Korean women’s national team won 5-0 in the second leg of a friendly against Zambia held at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 11th.

Coach Bell and the women’s national team were drawn in Group H with Colombia, Morocco and Germany in the group stage of the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup to be held in July.

With the World Cup just around the corner,카지노사이트 Coach Bell took a mock test to prepare for the match against Morocco by playing two consecutive matches against the same African country, Zambia.

After winning 5-2 in the first match, Korea scored 5 goals in the second match and defeated Zambia 5-0. In particular, Lee Geum-min, who scored 5 goals in 2 games, and Park Eun-sun, who recorded 3 goals and 2 assists, stood out.

Amidst two pleasant wins in a row ahead of the World Cup, coach Bell was most delighted with the fact that they had achieved a scoreless victory.

The following is a Q&A from director Bell.

– How do you feel after finishing the game?

Very satisfied. Both performance and results are fine. I’m happy with the 5-0 score.

-Captain Kim Hye-ri did a good job in defense. how did you see

Hyeri Kim always did well. As a captain, as a player, as a person. She puts in 100% every match. There is no problem whether he plays at centre-back or full-back. Kim Hye-ri is the perfect captain.

-She did not actively utilize substitute members in today’s game.

Substitutions depend on the nature of the game. In today’s case, the flow was good from the start, and Zambia is a team that can score goals at any time, so I didn’t want to disrupt the good flow.

In the first game, Chun Ga-ram and Park Eun-seon were put in early, so the substitution is different depending on the game. Even if I didn’t play in the game, I think all the players participated hard in training and contributed to Zambia’s two consecutive victories.

– We won without a goal in 6 matches. What does this mean?

It matters a lot. If they record a clean sheet, they take the players to a meat restaurant and feed them ‘Korean barbecue’ or take them to a cafe and buy them coffee or cake. I guess I’ll have to bring my credit card to the next call.

Lately we have conceded 10 runs in 4 games. This is not ‘The Colin Bell Team’. The teams I’ve been on have always played top-notch defense. Of course, it should be taken into account that it was a match against strong teams such as England and Italy, but in a way, our team lost a well-organized defense in the recent match.

We have conceded 8 goals in 4 games excluding goals due to misjudgment, which means we need to score at least 3 goals per game to win. 3 goals is not a small number, so we need to make it defensively solid and save it when the attacking opportunity comes.

-You played 2 consecutive matches in Zambia without Ji So-yeon.

Due to Ji So-yeon’s hiatus, the experienced players in the team had to step up, and I think they played this role well over the past two games. Also, the younger players did well. In the last game against New Zealand, Lee Min-ah showed a good performance even without Ji So-yeon. I think it might be the best A-match of Lee Min-ah’s history.

Someone has to fill the void left by Ji So-yeon, but I think the players played their part and did a good job in the 1st and 2nd games in Zambia.

Ji So-yeon is an essential player. That’s why we need enough treatment and rest to fully recover from injury, and we hope to come back in perfect condition during the World Cup.

-It was a two-game series, as if preparing for Morocco, which belongs to the same group in the World Cup. I think he gained confidence by winning both games in a row.

Since it is the same African team, you can think of it as a game simulating Morocco, but Morocco and Zambia have different styles even if they are the same African team. I rather think Colombia is similar to Zambia. I watched the match between France and Colombia a while ago, and even though Colombia lost 0-5, they played evenly until the 60th minute.

The game against Colombia is expected to be a tough match that involves a lot of physical exertion. In some ways, I think Zambia has a similar character to Colombia.

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