The popularity of Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) never fades. This time, there was a report that even Paris Saint-Germain is promoting the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

French media RMC Sport reported on the 19th (Korean time), “PSG general manager Luis Campos is exploring the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.”안전놀이터

“I like Campos not only for his technical qualities, but also for his mental qualities. I believe he fits well with PSG, especially in terms of adapting to the Paris environment.”

Currently, Kim Min-jae is on the recruitment list of many English Premier League (EPL) clubs such as Manchester United and Newcastle United. In particular, Manchester United showed active moves. He expressed his willingness to pay the buyout (amount allowed for transfer) and expressed his desire to recruit Kim Min-jae. It is known that he will also offer four times his annual salary. It is literally preparing for the special treatment.

Currently, Manchester United has Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane keeping the back, but there is no center back to compete with them. This is why we are looking forward to joining Kim Min-jae.

On the 18th, there was a prospect that Kim Min-jae’s transfer would be easy in the UK. This is because Napoli general manager Cristiano Giuntoli’s move to Juventus is getting closer. Giuntoli has a reputation as a notorious negotiator. It is a prediction that if he moves the team, the players can move the enemy relatively freely.

Kim Min-jae (right) played full-time against Salernitana. (Photo = Getty Images)

Reports that Kim Min-jae prefers the EPL continue. (Photo = Getty Images)
However, it is not easy to predict which team Kim Min-jae will go to. On the same day, there was also a report that Newcastle wanted Kim Min-jae. Newcastle are also known to be willing to pay a buyout of 56 million euros (80.8 billion won). ‘Money’ is not a problem for Newcastle because it is an emerging powerhouse with ‘oil money’ at the forefront.

Even PSG joined the fierce recruitment of Kim Min-jae. The content is very specific. RMC Sport said, “The meeting between Campos’ head coach and the player’s agent has already taken place in Paris, and progress has been made regarding the paperwork.” He pointed out that he is also discussing with Manchester United.”

The situation is turning in favor of Kim Min-jae. Napoli, the current team, wants to increase or eliminate Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount and at the same time extend the contract period. It is to continue to accompany them and collect a larger amount in future transfers. However, many teams that want Kim Min-jae are preparing a buyout amount that will be applied from July 1st to 15th. In other words, transfer is possible regardless of Napoli’s will.

From Kim Min-jae’s point of view, he was able to select a team after considering various conditions such as the team’s environment, treatment, and participation in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). In many ways, a good plate is being laid for Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae enjoyed a proper party in Naples’ homeroom. (Photo = Yonhap News)

Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli in July of last year, played a significant role in winning the Italian Serie A for the first time in 33 years. After the transfer, he immediately became the starting pitcher and dominated the Italian stage with his unique tough defense. It is the background that is considered to be the protagonist of Osimen, Kvarachhelia and the gust.

After one season in Serie A, he became a world-class player. This is why leading European clubs such as Manchester United, Newcastle, Manchester City, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are drooling.

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