The sluggishness of Fnatic, the traditional powerhouse 스포츠토토 of the ‘LOL EMEA Championship (hereafter LEC)’, is getting longer. Even after the opening of the 2023 spring season, they have not been able to accumulate victories, and their competitiveness in future international matches continues to decline.

On the morning of the 13th (Korean time), Fnatic lost to SK Gaming in the 2023 LEC Spring Season held at the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany. Fnatic, who failed to win even in the match against Excel on the 12th, which was the opening game, could not break the losing streak (6 consecutive losses) that continued from the winter season. In the spring season, they recorded two consecutive losses after the opening.

Fnatic, who ended the winter season in 9th place (2 wins and 7 losses), predicted a different Fnatic through roster changes. They replaced top laner Martin “Wonder” Hansen and support Ruben “Looks” Barbossa with second-team players. With only 10 ‘championship points’ in the winter season, progress in the spring and summer seasons was absolutely necessary.

However, while continuing to work with ‘Rekkles’ Martin Larsson, there were many questions about his strength. ‘Upset’ Elias Lip, who has established himself as one of the top DPS in Europe over the past few years thanks to ‘Rekkles’ as a starting player, has lost his position. In the end, ‘Upset’ moved to Vitality before the opening of the spring and ended up raising the rival team’s competitiveness.

Fnatic’s performance was unstable even before the first match. In the 24th minute, the flow of the two teams, which faced off tightly, was completely tilted. Jaya of ‘Rekkles’ rushed to his death in a situation where a teamfight victory was likely to be won, and Excel rather won the victory point. In the 29th minute, Excel obtained the ‘Baron Nasher buff’ and overpowered Jaya of ‘Rekkles’ who pushed the line excessively and destroyed the Nexus.

In the match against SK Gaming, Fnatic also lost without showing much strength. He tried to score by using strong CC, but fell to his knees against SK Gaming’s solid upper body. In particular, top laner “Oskarinin” Oscar Jimenez had a harsh first-team debut ceremony. SK Gaming, which widened the growth gap, finished the game in 31 minutes.

With no signs of a rebound in the spring season, Fnatic’s 2023 prospects are very bleak. The ‘LEC Season Finals’, which determines the right to advance to the ‘2023 World Championship’, will feature the winning team of each season (winter, spring, summer) and the top 3 teams in points. If these records are maintained, Fnatic’s advancement to Worlds is no different from ‘picking stars from the sky

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