Day One Sports eventually sells Goyang Carrot. Day One Asset Management jumped into the basketball court with enthusiasm, but in the end, it raised both hands without enduring a year. Day One was greedy for their lack of ability, and KBL was criticized for hastily approving the acquisition of Goyang Orion without a cool evaluation.

An official from Day One Sports said on the 8th, “As the parent company goes into court receivership, it is difficult to support the basketball team.” said. He then emphasized, “We are negotiating with a company with abundant funds in the hope 스포츠토토of acquiring it,” and “I will try not to damage professional basketball.”

Day One Asset Management established Day One Sports after the 2021-2022 professional basketball season and bought a basketball team. Day One was launched ambitiously by appointing former director Heo Jae as CEO and former Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation director Kim Seung-gi as the command tower. An official from the basketball world said, “There were many doubts about Day One’s financial status from the beginning, but Chairman Kim Yong-bin showed enthusiasm and approved KBL membership.”

Even before the start of the season, Day One was at the center of controversy. He was proud to have created a new revenue model by seeking Carrot Insurance as a naming sponsor, but that was all. Of the subscription fee that was supposed to be divided into two installments to KBL, the first 500 million won was paid later than the scheduled date. In addition, the salaries of the players were delayed in January, and they have not been paid this month either. The acquisition funds, which were supposed to bet on Orion, were not paid in addition to the down payment.

KBL is preparing a plan B for the worst case scenario. This is because the operation of the league will be disrupted if Day One cannot solve the problem of subscription fees. Day One decided to pay the remaining subscription fee of 1 billion won by the 31st of next month. Considering that KBL threatened not to participate in the league toward Day One, which was late in paying the first installment of the subscription fee last October, it is highly likely that Carrot will not be able to play spring basketball even if he advances to the playoffs. A KBL official blurted out, saying, “We haven’t made a decision yet.”

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