Lee Min-hyung of ‘Kumayushi’ expressed his regret.

On the 9th, at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium located in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ final match between T1 and Gen.G was held.

On this day, T1 showed a shaky appearance and suffered메이저사이트 a 1:3 defeat, and won the runner-up this season.

In an interview with the losing team after the game, head coach Seong-Woong Bae of ‘Bengi’ said, “In today’s game, our players worked hard and did well, but I think we lost because I was lacking and less prepared than the opponent.”

Lee Min-hyeong said, “I always have confidence in my team and myself before the finals, but when everyone around me is predicting T1’s victory, I feel very confused when I lose. I wondered if the ban-pick was wrong, I sometimes wonder if my in-game judgment or play was wrong, but I’m very confused right now.”

From this season, the playoff format has been changed to a double elimination method. Regarding this, coach Bae said, “It is said that Gen.G has adapted to the field, but the important thing is that the opponent prepared well and did not cope well with it. I couldn’t,” he said.

Coach Bae said, “After winning the 2022 LCK Spring, we are continuing to be runner-up, and we need to think a little more about what we will need in a big game, but I think it is important to play the game more calmly and leisurely. I think the result would have been different if the opponent had prepared well and responded early.”

Although they won the runner-up, T1 has confirmed their advance to the ‘2023 MSI’. Director Bae said, “Many fans thought of our team as a strong team and a winning team, but I’m sorry for disappointing them for the 4th time already. MSI is ready in a month, and I will try to show a different image as much as possible at this time.” did.

Lee Min-hyeong said, “When we entered MSI for the first time, we weren’t satisfied with the two teams going, but it seems ironic that we ended up in second place. To be honest, it’s not really heartbreaking to be runner-up, but the fans who support us It’s sad that he broke my heart. I lost the final this time, but if I go to MSI and face Gen.G again, I think I’ll be able to get my revenge.”

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