The Cincinnati Reds of the American professional baseball team signed a long-term contract with a young pitcher who debuted last year.

Cincinnati announced on the 19th (Korean time) 안전놀이터that it had agreed to a six-year contract with Hunter Green (23), a right-handed fastball pitcher, for $53 million (approximately KRW 69.9 billion).

The contract, which will take effect from this season, also includes an option for the club to sign for $21 million in 2029, the seventh season.

If Cincinnati waives the renewal contract, it will have to pay a $2 million penalty.

Green is a rookie pitcher in his second year that Cincinnati made his debut during the rebuilding process last year.

His fastball with a top speed of 160 km per hour stands out, but his performance last year was 5-13 and an average ERA of 4.44.

He pitched in four games this year, but has not recorded a win or loss and is posting an earned run average of 4.24.

Green, who was only two years old, could not even secure the conditions for an annual salary adjustment, let alone qualify as a free agent (FA).

Signing a long-term contract early with a player with such a short career is unusual even in the major leagues.

Cincinnati CEO Bob Castellini said, “It reflects Green’s high commitment to the team,” adding, “He is a young pitcher who is the foundation of a successful team.”

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