Busan I-Park, a professional soccer team, has recruited eight new players to play with from the 2023 season. They are expected to lead the future of Busan.

Continuing the tradition of ‘Busan Youth’, Lee Hyun-joon, Lee Hyun-gyu, and Jo Min-ho from Kaesong High School joined the team.

Striker Lee Hyeon-joon, born in 2004, hails from Kaesong High School, a U-18 (under 18) youth school in Busan. He played in nine games last year in a semi-professional status. He can play both striker and attacking midfielder positions, and is evaluated for his aggressive movement and aggressiveness.

Midfielder Jo Min-ho was also born in 2004, and is from Busan Youth, having gone through Busan U-15 (under 15 years old) Nakdong Middle School and U-18 Gaeseong High School. He makes clever plays that create many scoring opportunities during the build-up. Instead of going to college, he went straight to pro.

Defender Lee Hyeon-gyu, born in 2002, went on to Soongsil University after graduating from Kaesong High School. It is capable of attacking and defending from both sides, and has quick instantaneous movements.

Midfielder Son Hui, defender Jang Myeong-geun, and striker Kwak Seung-jo were all born in 2004 and wore Busan uniforms after graduating from high school.

Son Hui is a promising player who led Cheonan Jeil High School to victory in the 59th Cheongryonggi National High School Football Championship last year and received the MVP award. He is recognized for his skills enough to be selected for all age groups from U-13 (under 13 years old) to U-17 (under 17 years old). He is active and agile, with excellent two-footed dribbling ability.

Defender Jang Myeong-geun played for Dongmyeong FC in Busan. This is the first case that was selected through a test by a club soccer team, not a professional affiliate. He is in good physical condition at 188 cm and weighs 80 kg and uses his left foot well. He has excellent situational judgment and coping skills when defending. 토토

Striker Kwak Seung-jo is the main player who put Chungkyung High School at the top of the 2022 Fall National High School Football Championship. His speed and individual skills are considered his strengths.

Lee Jung-yoon (Jeonju University) and Yang Se-young (Yongin University), who showed excellent skills in college, also joined Busan. Midfielder Lee Jung-yoon, born in 2000, won the best player award at the 2021 Spring 1st and 2nd year college football tournament. He excels at physical combat and aerial competition, and excels at supplying passes, transitioning kicks, and shooting mid-range.

Midfielder Yang Se-young, born in 2002, is a promising player who was called the ‘left-footed magician’ during high school. His agile dribbling and reckless breakthrough are his strengths. He has good passing and kicking power, and is good at keeping the ball and linking play.

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