Bucheon FC 1995 (hereinafter referred to as Bucheon) extended a one-year contract with Nilsson Jr., a long-lived foreign defender in the ninth year of the K-League.

Nilsson Junior, who entered the K-League in 2014, joined Bucheon in 2017 and played an active role for three seasons until the 2019 season, leaping to become the main defender in the team. In particular, he scored 10 goals in Bucheon in the 2019 season and showed the aspect of a multiplayer with attack power. Afterwards, Nilsson Jr., who moved to Anyang, returned to Bucheon ahead of the 2022 season.

This season, Nilsson Jr. has been a role model and support for many of his younger fellow defenders on the team based on his many years of experience. In addition to this, he did not hesitate to play the role of a leader who coordinates the defensive line at the center of a solid three-back defense and comforts his teammates. As a result, Nilsson Jr. proved to be the best defender in K League 2 by ranking first in various defensive indicators such as tackle, contested ground, and blocking among K League 2 defenders in the 2022 season.

Meanwhile, Nilsson Junior recorded 22 points and 6 assists in 140 games in four seasons in Bucheon, and was ranked 2nd in the team with the most appearances (1st place Kim Ryun-do, 141 games), and became the core of Bucheon’s defense with the most appearances among foreign players. got it 안전놀이터

Nilsson Jr. said, “I am so grateful and happy to be with Bucheon. He seems to have always had happy seasons at Bucheon thanks to the proud fans of Bucheon, the manager, coaching staff, teammates and club staff. In the 2023 season, I will do my best to repay you with a more advanced look than before,” he said of his contract extension.

Manager Lee Young-min said, “Thanks to Nilsson Jr. this season, the young defenders were able to grow further. I believe that this same leadership will further strengthen Bucheon’s defensive line next season.”

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