“It’s really great.”

New York Yankees’ home run king, Aaron Judge, lavishly praised rival Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels). Ohtani currently leads the majors with 35 home runs. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before he breaks his major league record of 46 home runs in a single season, and it is predicted that he will be able to break the American League single-season home run record of 62 set by Judge last year.

Judge, who is currently on the disabled list due to a torn thumb ligament injury in his right hand, responded to a reporter’s interview prior to the game against the Angels on the 20th (Korean time). He is currently injured and does not play, but there were so many requests that it was made.

Judge responded cheerfully to all the questions about Ohtani. Judge said, “It’s fun to watch Ohtani’s performance this season. His performance is great. It’s not fun to play head-to-head,” Judge said, “Records are there to be broken. I look forward to seeing what Ohtani will do.”

Judge also praised Ohtani, saying, “It’s better to watch Ohtani hit than pitch. The way he pitches on the mound is great. But at the plate, he’s even better. Ohtani is an unprecedented player.”

After hitting 19 homers, Judge is out for a long time with an injury. “Last year, I wasn’t conscious of the new record,” Judge said, “I seem to have been conscious after hitting 61 homers. Everyone stood up and cheered, so the atmosphere was different from usual. It was difficult to concentrate on the game. The crowd all wanted to see history, and I needed to stay focused. So I deliberately didn’t think about other distractions.”온라인바카라

Judge also advised, “Ohtani can physically hit 80 or 100 home runs. He has that much talent. But I think the important thing is mental. How to block external factors when the record approaches is important.”

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