On the 4th, in the 2023 Davis Cup Finals 1st Singles Match, Belgian landlord Berris (ranked 115th in the world) defeated Korean national team ace Kwon Soon-woo (Dangjin City Hall, ranked 61st). 

After the game, Berris said, “It was a game with a lot of momentum and there were many variables. After the first set, I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to set my mind and had time to calm myself down.” I thought about it and took it seriously메이저놀이터 . In the end, Kwon Soon-woo made a mistake he shouldn’t have made in the tie-break, and it became an opportunity.” 

Berris continued, regarding Kwon Soon-woo’s response to drop shots in the match point crisis of the 3rd set tie-break, “Kwon Soon-woo continued to understand that there were mistakes in the forehand. I didn’t expect drop shots at all, but I kept doing drop shots, so I got used to it.” 

During the match, Berris did not hesitate to express his emotions by shouting or slamming his racquet on the floor without hesitation in front of a large crowd of away fans. In response, he said, “I’m a style that likes to express myself. Expressing my emotions helps my energy. It’s important to pour all my emotions and passion into one ball.” 

Finally, Berris laughed about the act of throwing a racket, saying, “It’s my way of expressing myself and my vessel. There are no broken or broken rackets. I decided to express my feelings aggressively on purpose.” 

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