As if rejecting the soccer team coach

Rafael Benitez (Spain, photo), who had won numerous championships in Europe, received an offer to coach the Korean national soccer team. However, Benítez hoped to remain in Europe.

According to the British media Liverpool Echo on the 19th (Korean time), coach Benitez appeared on a Sky Sports broadcast that day and revealed바카라 his future plans, saying that he had received an offer for the Korean command tower. He said, “I received offers from Korea, China, and Mexico, but it is important to have a project where I can utilize all my experience.” Manager Benitez particularly hoped for a long-term contract. “We’re talking about a project, and after three weeks, it’s under pressure,” he said. 3 weeks, not 3 years. We need time and the right projects,” he stressed.

It is analyzed that Benitez did not include Korea in the consideration. “I have been fortunate enough to lead many teams and collect several trophies. I can say ‘I hate this project, this is good’. “The problem is that I am fine and happy in England and in the Premier League. Sometimes you will make risky decisions, but the reality is that the Premier League is (to me) the best in the world, so I want to be around Europe.” Coach Benítez has been active in Europe’s five major leagues and has won 13 competitions. However, he is unable to find his place after he was sacked by Everton in January last year.

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