Lionel Messi seems to be able to return only if he agrees to conditions significantly lower than the salary he received at Barcelona in the past.  

Barcelona sources ‘Everything Barca’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Barcelona will offer Messi a two-year contract until June 2025. They are also considering a 1+1 contract. In this case, Messi will sign a contract in the summer of 2024. can be terminated,” he said.

The media continued, 안전놀이터“Messi is expected to be able to register if he signs a contract for 25 million euros (about 36.7 billion won), about 1/4 of the 100 million euros (about 146.7 billion won) he received just before leaving Barcelona. The net annual salary will be around 13 million euros (approximately 19.1 billion won), similar to that of the Robert Lewandowski family.” 

Messi has been called a living legend of Barcelona in the past. He made his professional debut in 2004 and led his team for 17 years. Messi has won numerous championships in Barcelona, ​​including 10 Spanish La Liga titles and 4 UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles. However, their companionship did not last forever.

A big change has come in the summer of 2021. At the time, Messi had completed his contract with Barcelona. And he was thinking about the future. It was a time when Barcelona was sluggish, so I wanted to clearly grasp the vision of the club. And Messi finally decided to stay. However, at this time Messi could not be registered due to Barcelona’s financial problems. 

In the end, Messi left Barcelona, ​​and the tearful press conference also drew attention. Messi, who moved to PSG with sadness behind, finished adapting by scoring 6 goals and 14 assists in 26 French Ligue 1 games this season. And as of this season, he is continuing his amazing performance by scoring 15 goals and 15 assists in 28 league games. 

In the midst of this, rumors of a return to Barcelona arose. Messi’s contract with PSG ends this summer. Of course, PSG wants to keep Messi. But Messi hasn’t made a decision yet. Recently, news broke that Messi’s father and agent Jorge had been in contact with Barcelona president Juan Laporta.

Of course, Messi’s comeback is not an easy task due to Barcelona’s financial problems. Regarding this, Tebas, president of La Liga, recently said, “Messi’s return is very complicated. We’ll have to wait and see how things will progress, but several conditions must be met. Some players from Barcelona must leave, and the team’s salary must be cut.” .

“Then, we need to know how much Messi will be paid at Barcelona. Currently, Barcelona is not in a situation where they can pay as much salary as PSG. Messi’s return is really complicated,” explained Tebas. 

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