Atlético Madrid’s interest in Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) has not diminished. We are still preparing to recruit Lee Kang-in.

OK Diario reported on the 19th (Korean time),안전놀이터 “Atletico Madrid is sincerely interested in Lee Kang-in,” and “We expect Lee Kang-in to be a pioneer in pioneering the Asian market.”

“Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee is 20 million euros (28.8 billion won), and an annual salary of 2 million euros (2.8 billion won) must be invested.”

Atletico Madrid has been the most active club for Lee Kang-in. In the transfer market last winter, Lee Kang-in was promoted. In addition, the transfer rumors that have recently emerged were also at the forefront of Atletico Madrid.

But the amount Atletico Madrid wants is outrageous. Lee Kang-in’s ransom was 15 million euros (21.8 billion won), and the estimated transfer fee was about 20 million euros. However, Atletico Madrid had been preparing only about 10 million euros (14.6 billion won).

Atletico Madrid are still struggling. I worry not only about the composition of the players, but also because of Lee Kang-in’s star quality and marketability.

OK Diario said, “Atletico Madrid is serious about signing Lee Kang-in and has made inquiries to Mallorca several times before. The reason for signing Lee Kang-in is a globalization strategy. Lee Kang-in is receiving a lot of attention from the media and the public in Korea. Thanks to Lee Kang-in. “Mallorca has attracted many sponsors. Atletico Madrid will bring more than that if they sign Kang-in Lee. Neither the transfer fee nor the salary is high.”

Lee Kang-in is showing off his best performance this season. He became Mallorca’s ace with 6 goals and 4 assists in the Primera Liga. In particular, Lee Kang-in was recognized for his performance by being nominated for the Primera Liga Team of the season.

Lee Kang-in is known to be interested in not only Atletico Madrid, but also Tottenham and Aston Villa in the Premier League. However, it is Atletico Madrid that showcases his most direct interest.

OK Diario said, “For Atletico Madrid to sign Lee Kang-in, Thomas Lemar must be sold. Lemar is receiving interest from France and Germany. Atletico Madrid is waiting for Mallorca and Lee Kang-in to judge. It is because Premier League teams can make good offers to Lee Kang-in,” he explained.

As the media reported, Lee Kang-in is still receiving high attention. The season has not yet ended, and Lee Kang-in’s value will increase I have no choice but to

On the other hand, Team Talk reported on the 12th, “Tottenham must immediately send an offer for Lee Kang-in, who is in the process of recruiting,” and “Lee Kang-in has already received an offer from Atletico Madrid. Tottenham must move quickly to recruit Lee Kang-in.

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