report” Boram Hallelujah (Director Lee Chang-woo) Park Gyeong-tae She finished runner-up in the men’s and women’s mixed doubles at the All-Around Table Tennis Championships. In the same competition, Boram Hallelujah ranked third in the team event for two consecutive years following the previous competition.

The National Men’s and Women’s Comprehensive Table Tennis Championships, which celebrated its 76th this year, is a prestigious tournament with the longest history among all table tennis competitions in Korea. Unlike the category competition, which divides players by age and competes, players of all ages jump over their age and compete with each other only on their skills. Therefore, the ranking of all table tennis players in the country can be measured by the results of this competition.

Park Kyung-tae won the runner-up in a mixed doubles group with Yuhanna Yu of POSCO International. It was a splendid achievement by winning six matches in order from the preliminary round and the round of 64 to the semifinals.

Boram Hallelujah overwhelmingly won 3 group league matches and advanced to the semi-finals after qualifying. Although it was unfortunately defeated by Korea Water Resources Corporation, thanks to its good performance in the semifinals, it ranked third after Mirae Asset Securities and Korea Water Resources Corporation. Following the last tournament, the team showed its potential by climbing to third place in the team event for two consecutive years.

Player Park Kyung-tae said, “Thanks to all the players sweating and doing their best, we were able to achieve good results in this tournament.” .

Boram Hallelujah is a professional table tennis team founded by the Boram Group (Boram Sangjo) in 2016 to promote national health and vitalize table tennis, a lifestyle sport. After the establishment of Boram Hallelujah, the Boram Group signed a sponsorship agreement with the Korea Middle and High School Table Tennis Federation to nurture young prospects who will lead Korean table tennis for three years from 2017, sponsored the Vietnam Golden Racquet International Table Tennis Tournament in 2018, and sponsored the Korea Table Tennis Association in 2020. It is working hard to expand the domestic elite table tennis base, such as agreements. In addition, it has taken the lead in revitalizing sports for life by continuously holding the ‘Boram Sangjo Cup National Open Sports Table Tennis Competition’.

Meanwhile, Boram Hallelujah’s parent company, Boram Group, has been growing based on Korea’s representative mutual aid brand called ‘Boram Mutual Care’, and this year marks its 33rd anniversary. Currently, Boram Group is establishing itself as a ‘total life care service’ company that covers all areas of life by expanding businesses such as ‘manufacturing, wedding, construction, IT, and bio’ in addition to the mutual aid business. Through this, we plan to be with our customers in their daily lives and increase their life satisfaction. 메이저놀이터

Boram Hallelujah players and coaches are shouting “fighting” after receiving the 3rd place trophy in the team event at the National Men’s and Women’s Comprehensive Table Tennis Championships.

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