Lee Seok-jae (65), president of the Gyeonggi-do Football Association, was elected as the head of the Gyeonggi-do Sports Association event group council.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, the Gyeonggi-do Sports Council Sports Association held a meeting after the regular general meeting of the Gyeonggi-do토토사이트 Sports Council in 2023, and unanimously appointed Chairman Lee Seok-jae as the new president.

Chairman Lee Seok-jae said, “I feel heavy on my shoulders because I am in charge of a serious responsibility at a difficult time.” We will do our best to bring about harmony through the enhancement of the status of sports organizations and dignified exchanges.”

Next, Chairman Lee said, “We will actively cooperate with the popularly elected Gyeonggi-do Sports Association to develop Gyeonggi-do as well as to help Gyeonggi-do play a central role in Korea’s sports, and sometimes we will not hesitate to speak out about wrong things such as policies and administration.” added.

On the other hand, Chairman Lee has been dedicated to the development of Gyeonggi-do football for the past 10 years, including taking office as the 20th president of the Gyeonggi-do Football Association in 2013 and serving as the president of the integrated Gyeonggi-do Football Association in 2015.

In addition, Chairman Lee Seok-jae, who was appointed vice-president of the Korea Football Association in 2019, was recently again appointed as the second vice-president, which is rare for a city and provincial football association.

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