The 10th anniversary of the founding, there is no failure twice.”

FC Anyang Kim Dong-jin (31) is one of the players who received less attention compared to his performance and contribution last season. He was practically a regular starter on the left flank. He played 38 league games and played both promotion playoffs (PO). His 3 goals and 4 assists were career highs for both goals and assists. Kim Dong-jin, who met with this magazine in Namhae, said, “(Lee) Chang-yong hyung and Jonathan are attracting attention. no matter what i do… After laughing, “It’s good to be in the spotlight. I do have that regret, but I don’t have the temperament of a star. It’s good to work hard in silence,” he stressed.

Kim Dong-jin had a ‘mental breakdown’ after the promotion PO with Suwon Samsung last season. In the meantime, an offer came from Part 1 as well. Kim Dong-jin said, “I felt empty and empty. After looking back, it seemed like everything was over, “At that moment, the story of the first part of the transfer came out. My heart was shaken. He even thought that he could transfer. At that time, the coach said, ‘Let’s promote together on the 10th anniversary of the foundation’. After that, he was able to get his mind together,” he said.

His failure to promote last season has been a lesson. Kim Dong-jin said, “(Park) Jong-hyun or (Park) Jae-yong had a great experience in their first season on the professional stage. I would have grown more through this,” he said. “I went through 스포츠토토a painful experience. I think it will have a good effect on the team. I think it has become more solid. There are no 2 failures. Daejeon also failed in the 2021 season, but was promoted last season. If I think positively and keep shouting at my goal, I wonder if I will reach it.”

Kim Dong-jin is a defender, but he excels in attack development. He plays well with the wingers. This is possible because I saw a striker until college. Kim Dong-jin said, “When I was in Ajou University, I participated in a competition in my 1st and 2nd year, and he said, ‘Let’s change his position.’ He said, “At the time, he was coaching Ha Seok-joo and Lee Jung-hyo (current Gwangju FC coach),” he said. ‘It’s hard to compete with foreign players’ was the main point. He said he would never change positions. Then he started watching defense and found fun. That’s how he was able to join Daegu. He is in his 10th year as a pro, and I wonder if (position change) is a factor that made him survive.”

Anyang has a big change in the side striker this season. Kim Kyung-jung, Acosti (Suwon Samsung), and Baek Seong-dong (Pohang Steelers), who played the position before the second line, also transferred. Instead, Jo Seong-jun and Ahn Yong-woo, who had experience in part 1, joined. Kim Dong-jin said, “It would have been nice if there was a player who could solve the problem with explosive power like Akosti,” but “Sung-joon hyung was with Asan Mugunghwa. Yongwoo hyung also has his own strengths. Everyone is a veteran. Making the most of it is the top priority. It is important how well he fits,” he said with strength.

2nd year in Anyang. The team takes precedence over the individual. Kim Dong-jin said, “A player is recognized only when the team’s performance is supported to some extent. If he doesn’t perform well, outside, he thinks he’s a ‘player on a low-ranking team’. If he wins and wins the direct he will be the best case scenario. Even if it is not, I hope that he will go up to the first division even through the playoffs,” he reiterated.

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