Players who were unable to reach a deal in the KBL’s free agency period are back in negotiations with their original clubs. This is because there were no offers from other teams.

The KBL announced on Aug. 25 that all 13 players without free agency contracts had not submitted letters of intent.먹튀검증

Twenty-nine players out of a total of 47 players have completed their contracts in the 20203 FA voluntary negotiations, which were held until the 22nd. The free agency market was hotter than ever, with big-name players such as Oh Se-geun (SK), Yang Hong-seok (LG), Moon Sung-gon (KT), and Choi Jun-yong (KCC) moving on.

Five players chose to retire, including Yoon Ho-young (DB), Jang Kook-min (Samsung), Jang Moon-ho, Jeon Jeon-joon (SK), and Park Kyung-sang (KCC).

Of the 34 players who have decided to leave, KT’s Kim Dong-wook is one of the 13 remaining unsigned. Lee Dae-sung is still looking to play overseas. The remaining players will renegotiate with their original clubs by 12 noon on May 30.

13 players without contracts
Park Sang-kwon, Won Jong-hoon (DB), Kang Wei-bae (Samsung), Kim Han-young (LG), Lim Jong-il, Park Jae-hyun, Lee Jung-je, Jeong Jung-won (Dae-won), Park Se-jin (KCC), Kim Dong-wook (KT) Lee Dae-sung (Korea Gas Corporation), Yoon Sung-joon, Jung Jong-hyun (Hyundai Mobis)

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