The secret to Jeju United’s rebound is on the side.

Jeju has recently won all 3 away matches and prepared a starting point for a rebound. It secured 8 points and raised the ranking to 7th place. The Brazilian foreign attacking duo Yuri and Hayes, who restarted the scoring, cannot be left out, but the side that came back to life is the secret to their consecutive victories.

Until last season, Jeju had Jeong Woo-jae (Jeonbuk Hyundai) 안전놀이터on the left and Ahn Hyun-beom on the right in charge of the flank defense. It was a virtually irreplaceable resource. However, ahead of this season, Jung Woo-jae was traded for Lee Ju-yong. Lee Ju-yong took some time to adapt to Jeju because he had been training with Jeonbuk for the winter season.

Nonetheless, coach Nam Ki-il is using Lee Ju-yong as a built-in left-sided defender. Lee Ju-yong has been starting all the way since the match against Daegu FC in the second round. He has played in 6 league games, and the more he plays, the more stable he is. If Lim Chae-min and Jeong-woon, the defenders who will help him, join him, the burden of defense can be greatly reduced and the attacking talent can be maximized.

On the right is Ahn Hyun-beom. Ahn Hyun-beom is the core of the team to the extent that he is included in the captaincy. He is good both defensively and offensively. The sprint using explosive speed is quite powerful. At the beginning of the season, he cried over bad luck at the goal post.

Ahn Hyun-beom, who left due to a minor injury against Gangwon FC in the 6th round, returned to Suwon Samsung in the 7th round and kept his position. And in the 21st minute, when the team was behind 0-1, he helped Yuri score by attacking the space behind the opponent’s defense. It was a scene created by Ahn Hyun-beom’s speed and accurate cross.

Ahn Tae-hyun, who was recruited with great expectations last season, only played 4 games due to an injury. He can play both sides and has the offensive ability. Ahn Tae-Hyun also played his first game this season against Ulsan Hyundai on the 2nd.

And he was put in as a substitute in the second half of the match against Suwon and induced a penalty kick with reckless breakthrough and aggressiveness. The addition of Ahn Tae-hyun will also ease the physical burden of Lee Ju-yong and Ahn Hyun-beom. Here, Kim Seung-seop, who is a striker but also plays a side defender depending on the situation, can be used more aggressively.

In addition, if Jeon Seong-jin, a U-22 resource who suffered a hamstring injury in the opening game, returns, Jeju’s side depth is expected to become thicker. Jeju is regaining their strengths.

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