Richarlison is not quiet in a bad way this season.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Premier League (EPL) star Richarlison is facing an RSPCA (Animal Welfare Charity) investigation over claims that his dog is a noisy nuisance. barked and howled incessantly, upsetting the wealthy neighbors.”

Richarlison joined Tottenham from Everton ahead of the season. 카지노사이트With a transfer of 50 million euros (approximately 72.2 billion won) for the basic transfer fee alone, Tottenham ranked second in the history of transfer fees. As a striker with thick bones in the EPL, synergies with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min were expected, but the reality was the exact opposite.

He has played 19 matches in the EPL this season, but has not scored. His two goals this season were in the European Champions League (UCL) group stage match against Marseille last September. He has not scored in Tottenham for 7 months. He suffered numerous injuries, both large and small, and did not help the team at all.

Despite such a low team contribution, the controversy continued to drive. Richarlison said of Tottenham’s elimination from the Champions League by AC Milan: “I couldn’t understand manager Antonio Conte’s decision. I was on good terms as I started in two consecutive matches, victories over West Ham United and Chelsea. I said if I do well I’ll be able to play, but this time I was on the substitute list. I’ll see what Conte has to say tomorrow.”

The situation was over when Conte cleaned up Richarlison’s actions, but it was at this moment that rumors that the players were dissatisfied with Conte surfaced. After that, Richarlison showed enthusiasm to make up for his mistakes in the game, but the injury flared up again.

At the time when fans’ patience is gradually reaching its limit, it is the Richarli Song that has become controversial again. Richarlison’s neighbor, interviewed by The Sun, said: “It’s not good to hear. His dogs bark incessantly. It doesn’t stop. Richarlison recently threw a big party with a live band that made our house vibrate and we had fun until 4am.” He revealed that Richarlison was partying all night long.

It was also confirmed that there were times when Richarlison’s dogs came out of the house and caused problems. Eventually, he even stepped up to the RSPCA, an animal welfare charity.

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