Kim Min-jae (26) is truly a monster. 

On the 26th, TransferMarkt, a media that mainly deals with the football transfer market, said, “We asked through our community, ‘Please pick the best Serie A lineup for the first half.’ Through this, we selected the best eleven. As expected, coach Luciano Spalletti’s Many SSC Napoli players are included.” 

This is Kim Min-jae, who moved to Naples from Fenerbahce SK last summer and showed the best performance without any adaptation period. Kim Min-jae received an approval rating of 86% and proudly put his name on the lineup.  먹튀검증

The Serie A Secretariat selects the MVP and the best player at each position after each season. At the current pace, MVP doesn’t look easy with colleagues such as Victor Osimen and Hvitza Kvarachhelia. It is because the spotlight is focused on the attacking team if the performance is the same. 

However, the best defenseman of the season is a different story. There are players who have performed well, such as Chris Smalling, who are in the lineup together, but as you can see from the vote rate, there is currently no person who can surpass him. As long as Kim Min-jae is not significantly sluggish, it can be seen that the best defense award in Serie A is also a worthy award. 

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